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Erlend Bakke author of #1 International Bestseller

presents; The Freedom Boot Camp
26-27th of September
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Secrets Revealed:

– How to start a Freedom Business
– Put your business on Autopilot
– What all businesses MUST have
– Proven outsourcing strategies and techniques
– How to break FREE Now and much, much more

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shows you how to monetize your passion by applying Automation and Outsourcing in your business so you can live your Freedom in 10 simple steps. The world’s laptop millionaires, entrepreneurs and the
`New Rich` have all escaped the 9 – 5 using these exact strategies.
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Work Less, Earn More
and Live Your Freedom

Does it feel like everything you were ever told about work and money was a lie? You work hard and put your passions and relationships on hold to aim for business success – and the freedom you were promised is nowhere to be found. You show desire, drive, ambition, creativity – and all for nothing.

Well, everything you’ve been taught before HAS been a lie. From school onwards, you’re told don’t take the easy route, don’t get other people to do your work, don’t copy other people. Basically, you’re told to sit down, shut up, and get on with your work otherwise you’ll fail. All of that is wrong! And I’m going to show you how you can take the easy route to success.

How do I know? Because I’ve done it!

Live your Freedom

‘Testimonials from Erlend Bakke’s recent face-to-face boot camp

System Works

A simple system that works

With this proven system, I will show you that anyone with the drive and ambition to be successful can live like I do today – working only a few hours a week, and making $20,000 a month. That’s around $1,000 an hour. It sounds impossible, if you have the mindset of a worker – but we’re gonna teach you how to spin that around, and have the mindset of an entrepreneur.

In Work Less, Earn More, you will learn:

  • How to switch from thinking like a worker, to thinking like an entrepreneur
  • How to start a no-money down business that can make you $20,000 every month
  • How to leverage other people’s time to work only twenty hours a month
  • How to automate your business, so you hardly even need to think about it
  • How to create a lifestyle that lets you live out your dreams
  • All with just a few easy-to-implement tools and tricks

So throw away your stressed out life today, and join me in getting the money, time, and freedom that you really deserve.

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Live your dream today

Sipping cocktails on a beach in Hawaii or the Philippines. Heading down to the coast and going windsurfing. Or just being able to hang out with your friends at a bar, or take your girlfriend out for dinner. However you want to live your life, whatever your passions and desires – this tried-and-tested system will help you fulfil them.

This is your life, and it’s time to take control of it and realize your potential. My system will give you the tools you need to do just that. Sign up today and find out how you can live the life of your dreams with just a few simple tweaks to your business. Then put your feet up, relax, and work less, earn more.

‘Testimonials from Erlend Bakke’s recent face-to-face boot camp

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Erlend Bakke

Erlend Bakke

Erlend Bakke is a Norwegian serial entrepreneur, speaker, and #1 international bestselling author born in 1981 in London, UK. He currently owns the following three companies Mr. Outsource, 3sixty, and 3sixtyfactory. Erlend speaks on the topics of entrepreneurship with focus on how to automate and outsource your business to avoid the trap of becoming a business prisoner. He spends most of his time between London, Oslo, and Davao City in the Philippines, but is available to speak at venues all over the world depending on availability.

Erlend trains entrepreneurs in how to start, run, and own freedom businesses through his seminar `The Freedom Bootcamp` (, the membership website, and his weekly business podcast `Hardcore MBA Podcast` ( In 2013 he first published the book Never Work Again that went on to become an #1 International Bestseller. The book is focused on applying freedom to your life as well as your business by cutting the crap and getting real about your true needs and desires.

You can email Erlend at: